March 25, 2013

Define normal...

"Normal is an illusion.
What is normal for to the spider, is chaos to the fly."

Morticia Addams

"I See the Light"
Academy of Music, Philadelphia
March 18 - March 25, 2013
Project 52 (12/52)

The week that was...

Sometimes God speaks to me in strange ways.  Sometimes God speaks to me in strange voices.  And SOMETIMES God speaks to me wearing an extremely low cut (as in J-Lo-low-low) slinky black gown that somehow defied a wardrobe malfunction onstage.  Yes, Morticia Addams managed to get thru to me yesterday, and shed some amazing light on my perspective regarding the long suffering mom vs. teenager battles going on in my home.  

Somewhere in the midst of watching "The Addams Family" onstage in Philly yesterday, I realized I wasn't watching Morticia vs. Wednesday anymore.  It was Moi vs. MY "Wednesday".  Albeit different outfits.  REALLLLLLLY different outfits.  But the message was clear.  Be true to yourself.  Don't let others label you.  Accept others for who they are.

Kinda relevant for all ages.  Especially moms and daughters.  It should just be THAT 'normal'.


P.S.  You should have SEEN the chaos this spider created for my fly when I whipped out my camera to take this shot!  Yet it was completely "normal" for moi.

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  1. I'm glad perspective is creeping in. Honestly, I'm terrified if the teen years with the angst and battles. I hope you find the place you both need to be.

  2. What a fantastic capture...yep, those teenage years can be brutal.

  3. The Academy is such a cool place, I think I could spend days taking photos of it.

  4. I just love the Academy! I have such fond memories of seeing the orchestra and ballet there as a child.

  5. Gorgeous you are definitely learning how to use your camera. Love it!

  6. My normal when visiting your blog is to each time view your amazing photos just like this one - I just love what you put into a frame, always so many details. I have NO idea how I'm going to manage the teenage years, I have a daughter who shows glimpses about how challenging it may be, even now! Renee

  7. What a place - what a quote - what a post! the pendul form Chaos to Harmony is swinging at homes with teens ... can't agree more with you and the rest of the World.

  8. Teen wars...UGH! God speaks to me in different types of ways as well. The message in the end is...I will SURVIVE! Love the pic! Great shot!

  9. I keep praying my relationship with my daughter will be better than mine with my mother -

  10. Stunning and so YOU! Thankful for your perspective and hope you're doing well.

  11. Awesome shots.. I am so glad I am over those teen years with my daughter. It's smooth sailing now..


  12. Wowza with the image!!
    Mother-daughter, spider-fly.
    Such perils to tip toe thru, over, around.
    I'm afraid I've not done well over the years; I've not been able to reach the other side. Somehow with the wisdom you hold on this, I think you'll be just fine. "Normal" tells you that it will be so.
    Keep the camera handy-sometimes embarrassing them is good weaponry to have.

  13. Beautiful picture and wonderful message. You are always so insightful. It's inspiring.

  14. Love this shot! and very true rhetoric on kids and their choices. LOL