January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (1/20/13)...

Yes I managed to get photos for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts.  BUT totally not feelin' the "creativity" this week.  Drats!  I REALLY hate not being able to put a unique spin on my interpretations.  Alas, I'm pretty straight forward (aka: boring) this week.  Epic fail when it came to motivation.  But totally looking forward to seeing how everyone else interpreted these prompts so that I can smack myself on the head and say "Why didn't 'I' think of that??!!??"  Onward and upward, right?

This week's prompts are:  People Watching, Basket, Park, Recycle, and Auto.

1.  People Watching

"Wasting Away the Day"
New Hope, PA

Wastin' away the day in Margaritaville New Hope.  Caught these two "people" on a Sunday stroll along the canal towpath and couldn't help but want to "watch" them.  And here I thought only Trolls hung out under bridges.

2.  Basket

"Basket of Black Beans"

Aside for lovin' me some alliteration...I kinda love me some "Smokey Black Bean Soup" too.

3.  Park

Master of the obvious here....a parked bike.  Duh.

4.  Recycle

"Until We Meet Again"
Newtown, PA

Newtown was taking down their Christmas decor when I visited this week.  Wreaths unceremoniously dumped in a heap on Main Street.  Hopefully to recycle and reuse next Christmas.  If not...beware of increased taxes for new holiday decor Newtown peeps.

5.  Auto

"Coming and Going"
Vine Street Expressway
Philadelphia, PA

I give you...AUTOS.  Thank you, thank you very much for your applause.

It's been awhile since I've said this, but I'd like to say a big BEAUCOUP THANK YOU to all of you who stop by my blog and take the time to become a follower and/or leave comments.  Believe me when I say it is both duly noted and truly appreciated.  Just between you and me, It's kind of an ego stroke to see I have almost 200 people who follow my blog...because I can't even get THREE of my "Things" to pay attention to me on most days  :).


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  1. What a wonderful perspective on the every day.

  2. I love the shot of the kids under the bridge!

  3. I really am fond of your park and auto shots. I don't want to dismiss what you are saying about how you feel about your lack of spin on the creative view of the interpretations but I can assure you, nothing can be further from the truth from where I'm viewing.

  4. I loved your people watching photo.

  5. I love the bike photo. Looks like a great week.

  6. Vine Street!! I love standing there and watching cars zip by! Beautiful!

  7. For not feeling it, you did a mahvelous job darling.

  8. I love the people watching image but the expressway one is truly exceptional. By the way I have added you to my blog role!


    1. Thanks for the blog role add Molly :)

  9. I think your shots are awesome :) Found you on Ni Hao Y'all.

  10. Your AUTO shop is amazing!!! The colors & movement-perfection!

  11. I'm totally digging the expressway shot - tres cool. I also love the bike parked at the side of the sidewalk. Great series!

  12. I will take your 'boring' any day of the week. (totally feeling ya on the getting no appreciation on the home front for blogging efforts. let me have a typo and THEN they notice, otherwise, natta!).

  13. Yeah, I think that your "boring" and "un-original" shots still blow most others out of the water! I love your take for basket, Auto and Park!!!! Very nice. Keep it up :D

  14. I actually think your spin on Park was very clever. I did not think of parking a bike but rather a place, so nicely done.

    Happy Sunday!

  15. Nice post, I love the bicycle, the wreaths, and "coming and going"

  16. Oh pumpkin you KNOW I'm a fan. I think you cut yourself short on your images this week. they are better than you're giving yourself credit for. I'm banging my head and thinking "why didn't I think of that?" I thought it was a tough list, but looking at next weeks...yowza, I'm going to have to hustle. It looks a little girlie for me. Jeans have those rivets, that's my bling.
    Love seeing your New Hope shots and certainly Newtown's taxes will be up. Just to see "Newtown" in print-that's where I used to live. Have a great day-and my blog today suggests red wine at 6. You could join me in that.

  17. Great overhead shot of The Vine. Love the blurred images showing the speeds that CAN be achieved when you're not sitting bumper to bumper! I'd take your talents on an uncreative week anytime! You done good :)

  18. I think blogging does involve a tad bit of attention seeking and validation - thank goodness we have this forum! *grins*

    Popped in from the Grow Your Blog hop.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  19. I found it tough this week too....obviously since I didn't even read the prompts correctly. Liked your take on park and the cars zipping by...!!

  20. All great shots, and love your basket, and the people watching. Don't you love getting shots of people that you see. Fun! Have a great weekend

  21. It was a tough one this week and this is only my 2nd time ever to do this! You did an awesome job though. I love this post and I am now following your blog too! I know how good it makes a person feel. I always get excited to get new followers too!

    I hope you have a great week and happy hunting!

  22. Girl you've got it still. You did a wonderful job with the prompts.

    I loved your take on Park with the "parked" bicycle.
    Auto was really cool looking and my favorite would have to be your People Watching photo.
    Also that Black Bean soup sounds yummy.

  23. Loving your shots this week! Auto is my favorite. :)

  24. Hey Kathy, thanks for the visit. I love your photography. Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place!


  25. Love your captures!! Straight forward is sometimes a gift in a world of falsehoods...

  26. Love your first shot. Great capture.

  27. It's always a delight to visit and see the world through your eyes.

  28. I know I didn't participate this week or last week or the week before that or.... but I just thought I'd leave a comment. Your basket of black beans is totally awesome. I love the repeating pattern of the holes in the strainer and the repeating pattern of the beans. I just think it's totally cool shot! I also think your "auto" shot is pretty stinking cool too! Great job as always Kathy!