October 17, 2012

ALMOST wordless...

Philadelphia, PA

IF the Phillies had made post-season play, I probably wouldn't have had the television turned to the presidential debates...I would have been watching baseball.  IF I hadn't have listened to the presidential debates, I probably wouldn't have given much thought to how so many words can actually say so little at times.  IF I hadn't have come to that conclusion, I probably wouldn't today be so frustrated at our political system.  If I had been born somewhere else, I probably wouldn't have baseball, presidential debates,  OR frustration over a choice I am free to make due to our political system.  Sometimes IF's are something to be thankful for.  I should probably remember that...IF needed. 

Proud to be an American.



  1. Choices are sometimes hard to make. At times like this its best to tune out the media, the BS being slung back & forth - just concentrate on the facts. Make your choice based on that alone.

  2. I was thinking to avoid the horror of watching the Yankees tank again, I would torture myself with the debate but I just couldn't do it. I turned back to see the Yankees play like 6th graders LOL. So I get it.

    1. Poor Jeter :(. Even 6th graders don't deserve an ankle break like that.

  3. I just didn't turn it on. Hubby and I went to a Reds post season game but they blew it.. :(

  4. I watched the debate. I don't know why. It's always the same old thing. Makes me kinda wish I watch sports. Hee Hee.. But I love what you say. We do have a choice. You have to love that about our country.


  5. "if" only i had better choices, i would be more excited to vote!!