April 2, 2012

Is it "SOME DAY" yet?...

Monday's are tough enough without having to really think about something.  But then I had to go and open the email I got this morning from Kim Klassen's "Beyond Layers" course.  Geesh!  She asked the question "If not now, then when?"  Hmmm, guess I can't really wait until later in the week to answer that instead of now, can I?

It's an interesting question, perhaps one you don't take too seriously until you reach a certain age or point in life.  I USE to answer that question with "Some Day". But a funny thing happens the older you get.  Your life gets more complicated with responsibilities and circumstances, and your world starts to spin faster and faster.  And you know what?  You just never seem to arrive at that magical "Some Day".  Go ahead and admit it, we all know that "Some Day" is code for "it just ain't gonna happen".

"Some Day" I'll lose weight, I'll take photography more seriously, I'll learn Italian, I'll travel to every major league baseball stadium, I'll start a blog, I'll learn to say "no", I'll live where I want to live, I'll learn what is and what isn't in my control, I'll zip line, I'll participate in a tri-athlon, I'll learn to not care so much what others' think about me, I'll be happy.

"If Not Now, Then When?"
Philadelphia, PA

Sometimes you need a spark to set fire to your procrastination.  Maybe that is the purpose of a mid-life crises...time's a tickin'...your demand for "Some Days" might be greater than the supply (Econ 101 did come in use after all).  And you make the startling realization at how fast time really DOES fly...wow, it really isn't just a stupid expression my parents use to say. Instead of asking "if not now, then when?"  You ask "why not NOW?".  What I have discovered is that taking action is a terrific drug.  It's addicting and a definite mood enhancer.  They should bottle it.  Heck, I'd set up shop and sell it on street corners. Alleviates fears and the blues too.

Interestingly enough, I have also found that some of the things I pursued, just aren't what I want after all.  Good bye tri-athlon...I'm satisfied and happy with what I've accomplished on my own, I've found I don't need to actually be in a race except against myself.  And some things, no matter how hard I try to pursue, will probably be a never ending quest.  Where's the fun in being perfect anyway? :)  But that's okay...I'm active in the pursuit instead of not even starting it yet.  Where I am in my life right now, pretty much the only thing that limits me are my resources, not my inaction.

If not now, then when?  "Some Day" is today.  I just wish it wasn't on a Monday before I had my coffee.



  1. hopped over from Beyond Layers...appreciate your comments on today's prompt from kim...also signed on as a follower...
    time for another cup of coffee as I contemplate my list...

  2. you are awesome... this made me smile.... thank you for this.....

    happy week....xo...Kim

  3. Two great picture, very good how you work with black and white and than colour.


  4. This was such a beautiful post, Kathy! The pictures were perfect, stunning choices to compliment your words and I can resonate with them as well. I often tell myself one day or some day, but i need to do more spontaneous seizing of the day as well as really jumping off the edge and making someday today!

  5. Awesome post, Kathy! Love your clocks to go with the theme - fantastic photos!

  6. You sure like to make a body think while taking in the symbolic clock photos you created. Great perspective.

  7. WOW way to start the week off! LOL
    Love your perspectives on this clock we shot. I forgot all about it! Love the B&W.

  8. Kathy, you had me laughing sooo hard and the thing is, I don't know why I'm laughing, because it's not funny how we procrastinate and put things off for "Someday," which as we all know means, "It ain't gonna happen." LOL! Again, why am I laughing? Too, I loved your caption "Is it SOMEDAY yet?" LOL . . . Kathy, you crack me up. This is such a wonderfully thoughtful, witty blog post you've written today. Loved it! And you are right in by saying that taking action is a terrific drug. It does alleviate fear and the blues. And HOW! Big hug to you! xo

  9. Love your post, Kathy. We all have a little "if not now, when?" in us I do believe. Your b&w's are always so wonderful, so full of texture. You truly have a great eye for this. Happy week!!

  10. I can't believe this was the topic of your blog today. I just got done telling Shay that someday I need to... well I decided tomorrow is the day! I am determined to learn how to use the other settings on my camera...wish me luck!

    PS..I remember that clock...love the black and white/color version of it! Great perspective on both shots!

  11. I just love that clock...wow....Love your blog insight Kathy.

  12. (Yep, it's me, the WaWa lady. :))

    This post really speaks to me. I find myself so looking forward to the weekend that I wish away my week. And I find myself putting so many things off till Some Day. I really need to learn to live in the now...to make the most of every day.

    Some real wisdom (and as always, lovely photos) here.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  13. I read Kims post and I am still thinking about it. I think I am just to layed back to answer that questions. But it sure was fun reading your thoughts on it.. I have to have my coffee before I turn on my computer. My eyes wont even read without a little caffeine..

    I am going to Zip line someday.. Just not today.. :)

  14. thank you for this wonderful, thought-provoking post! love your insight/wisdom.
    i really need to learn to live in the now by loving the present and being aware of my thoughts
    and actions. makes you more productive person living like this.
    "carpe diem". go for it now! the future is promised to no one!

    your photos are so lovely! you do take them at nice angle.

    wish you a great day!

  15. You have picked some great photos to go with your words. You and Kim are so right, I must stop procrastinating, get on with it and get happy.

  16. Your clock and stopping time is the perfect image for if not now. . . when? And your words couldn't be any more spot on!

  17. I love your post today - such a gift you have for the written word! And then there's your photography...today is no exception. Your second photo is especially fantastic!

  18. This ia a great post Kathy. Maybe we could sell that together-hopefully we'll get some backers with big wallets to help get us started. A few years ago it suddenly dawned on me that time, more than anything else, it the most precious thing and I get frustrated with myself when I wasted it. BTW...I think some of those "some days" you can put a little check beside-
    Have a great day my friend.

  19. One more cup of Joe for me. Your shot of the clock is FAB! Nicely done. Have a great weeek.

  20. Love this one!
    I am guilty, guilty, guilty of some serious procrastination!

  21. Some wonderful thoughts Kathy, and I think right now resources are defintely the only thing that hold me back right now - except that I love that I can max out my card and it costs me nothing. Although I admit, I tend to want to play before anything else....LOVE the color shot of that clock, fabulous composition!!

  22. Ahhh . . . contentment with yourself. That doesn't mean giving up on dreams, just knowing that the path to those aspirations take some time. And if everything we wanted was easy, what would be left for our 'some days'? And since it is now April and I haven't started those New Year's resolutions yet, I guess I'll just wait until next year to start them now. Talk about time flying . . . boy howdy how the days whiz by!

    I have to know Kathy, do you go out each week and shoot photos specifically for the challenges or do you have a computer full of gorgeous pictures just waiting to be published? You live in such a wonderful location and always have an eye for just the right perspective.

    1. I WISH I had an archive stocked full of photos, but I am waaaaaay too impatient to keep them all to myself, haha. Sometimes I shoot specifically for a challenge, and other times I shoot and comprise a post specifically for the photo. Then there are OTHER times when I shoot something I like and am not quite sure how I'm going to use it. This is the case here. I was in Philly last week and took these photos of the clock on Independence Hall. I really liked the colors and textures which is what caught my eye. I had a completely different post planned for this day, but when I opened up my email from Kim Klassen I knew I wanted to use these photos from last week and the photos acted as my muse for writing. Sometimes luck is involved in giving me the right opportunity to use a recent photo. I have on occassion used some archived photos, mostly for travel related posts. I think they are pretty obvious when I do that. Thank you for your nice comments :)

  23. A wonderful post! The photo is stunning!