April 19, 2012

Dream Weaver...

"Solitary Flight"

Sometimes I can be quite a contradiction (hint...my Better Half need not respond to this).  For instance, I STRONGLY dislike birds.  I know, sooooo many beautiful bird photos out there, but up close and personal?  They scare the bejeezus outta me.  I blame it on my one aunt who use to let her bird fly free around the house.  It landed on my young shoulder one day while I was not paying attention.  The stupid bird, I did NOT give it permission to use me as a landing strip.  Even from afar, I'm not too keen on them.  Probably because they apparently think I look like a personal porta-potty.  FYI, I don't like monkey's either, they kinda freak me out.  So you can imagine my reaction every year when the annual showing of "The Wizard of Oz" was broadcast and those dang Flying Monkey's made their appearance.  Take cover under a blanket or flee from the room.

But for some reason, despite my disdain for birds...I have always been enthralled by the idea of flight.  Again, contradictions galore...NOT in an airplane (THAT scares me too!), but like a bird sans feathers.  Occasionally I will have dreams where I am flying.  Altho, much more common when I was younger.  Not surprising as the supposed meaning of these dreams is literally that you are flying on top of the world, in control of a situation, a personal sense of power and control.  The dreams have probably lessened thru the years due to more issues and situations where I feel I have totally NO control.  Growing up literally grounds us, both in reality and in dreams sometimes.

My flying dreams are always lucid dreams, meaning I am fully aware I am dreaming while in flight.  Which makes it even BETTER. Actually, I have lucid dreams when I'm dieting too...the PERFECT way to feel I am indulging in caloric delights without my butt growing as a result.  But when dreaming of flying, I always wake up with a great sense of freedom.  The feeling of being Supermanwoman, looking down from a high, the sensation of the wind passing thru my outstretched arms and fingers, the silence.  Not afraid to fall...or fail.

I was out the other day taking some photos, and walking back to my car as I glanced up and saw this solitary feathered "friend" soaring above the tree tops.  I quickly snapped a couple photos.  It was all I had time for as he was obviously on a direct flight path to  his destination.  But it made me remember those flying dreams, and the feeling I would have when I woke up.  Hmmm...hey Mr. Sandman, I could use me one of those dreams again...STAT.



  1. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience that caused you to not like birds. I would have a zoo of birds if I could..well eight at one time counts I think! lol (now I only have one - a love bird that isn't very lovey). This is gorgeous in black and white!! (I could use a flying dream too...)

    1. Well, friends can't be TOTALLY alike, right? haha.

  2. I absolutely HATE BIRDS.... always have.
    But they do make for pretty photos ;D From AFAR. Far, afar!

  3. Don't we all have those nightmares about Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"? I love birds however and never tire of taking picture of them. I am with you however on the monkeys, and you add snakes to my list... any kind, I am so scared of them.
    This is a very peaceful photo. I love the subtle color in the clouds... I want to know where she is heading.

  4. I am kinda a bird person, I like to watch them, and I have had a parrot or something land one me with the help of a trainer at the Philly Zoo, but as a pet, no thank you! Gorgeous picture!

  5. I do like birds although I hate to see them caged up. That image is fab - love the strong, simple comp.

  6. I find birds fascinating. I like to watch them fly, too, and at the feeders. Your photo is beautiful! I'm a new follower from Katherine's Corner. The Thrifty Blog Frog http://thriftyfrogblog.blogspot.com
    Huge green hugs,
    Pat @ Thrifty Frog Blog

  7. Love this. (I think I say that EVERY TIME - but it's just so true! This is fabulous in B&W - love the treetops and the clouds in the background adding texture.

  8. Well thank goodness I did not have an aunt that let her birds fly freely and as a result I absolutely love birds....but I can understand your dislike. I too dreamed of flying alot when I was younger and again, like you, not so much as I age. Ever once in awhile the dream returns, but not nearly as frequently as I would like. Your definition fits, I was much more "in control" in my younger years, but age has reminded me that I am definitely not in control.

  9. It is a gorgeous shot, I love it in B&W.

  10. I also had those flying dreams as a kid...I haven't had one as an adult. Kinda sad...I think you're right about the whole "life grounding us" thing. Your bird shot is beautiful - I was "attacked" by a flock of pigeons in that famous square in London when I was three (they liked my white hair), so I understand your trauma about birds...lol.

  11. Sorry that happened to you. Everyone has a fear of something. Well, you did quite well with this image, as usual!
    Thanks so much for sharing with Foto Friday,

  12. This is so lovely in black and white.

  13. I just love our feathered friends.. But I would not like one in my house.. In the backyard on a feeder is as close as I would like to be.. Personally I don't like any wild animals to close to me.. I just don't know if they can be trusted... Does that mean I have trust issues.. Hee Hee...

  14. I like birds, we have bird feeders, bird bath etc. But I understand. My friend hates birds! hugs and thank you for linking to the Thursday hop!