March 1, 2012

Looking In...

Sooooo, like you don't know enough about moi already?  I've always been a nerd serious student, bordering on being a brown-noser intent on ruining the class grading curve (do you hate me yet?).  One caveat: my first two years at Penn State...AKA the "Lost Years".   Thirty-three years later I STILL have a recurring nightmare that I have to take a final for a class I never made it to all semester.  I wake up in a cold sweat every single time!  So, when Kim asked us in her "Beyond Layers" course to look inward and list "10 Truths" about ourselves, plus a photo...I just GOTTA do my homework.  So what exactly IS behind my window when you look in?

1.  I can't burp.  I do have some talents, but alas I will never be able to belch out the alphabet.

2.  I'm a total "girly girl", with a truck driver's mouth at times (I should probably work on that...the bad mouth part I mean).

3.  I started my blog last July as a way to keep me accountable for pushing myself in my photography.  What I discovered is that I think I like writing almost as much as the actual picture taking.

4.  I switch gears pretty often.  Keeps me from getting bored.  But, it also means I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

5.  I am the great "rationalizer".  

6.  As much as I am hooked to technology now, I am so glad I didn't have computers and cell phones when I was growing up.  I never realized that face-to-face communication would become a lost skill.

7.  I am 100% Italian.  God just happened to think it would be funny to make me 99.9% German and living in America.

8.  I hate being told what NOT to do.  Just watch me dig my heels in and do the exact opposite...nobody puts  Baby in the corner!

9.  My name is Kathy and I am a "Reality Show Junkie".  I dream of being on The Amazing Race.  I would do great at EVERY obstacle as long as they don't put in a "drink milk" challenge.  "MILK? Could I just jump from an airplane Phil?"

10.  My most favorite season of the year is....BASEBALL season.

Sure hope I get an A+.  



  1. Oh an A+ in my book - there was sweat dripping down my face when I read the assignment. I thought I left school way behind me but atlas it keeps showing up to haunt me. You did a great job on your 10 truths and love the image to go along with it! I enjoy your sense of humor...I can totally relate though i don't write "funny"- I enjoy a good laugh! I been laughing for the past 5 mins about your comment on my secret "fudge frosting recipe"!! I'm looking forward to reading more - and yes you write as well as you take beautiful photos!! Keep em' coming!

  2. Great truths and that photograph is AAAAH mazing!!

  3. wonderful little facts about yourself! (I'm with you - I detest milk!)

  4. Oh my gosh! This is so weird! I have a similar dream/ nightmare. I dream I need to take a final math exam after not being in the class the entire semester. The funny thing is that after 2 bachelor degrees and a master degree, I still have nightmares about high school math! Lol
    That photo is brilliant btw! I love all the natural texture!

  5. Gorgeous photo Kathy! Yes in fact how about an A +++ . . . I used to have dreams that I couldn't get into my locker because I forgot the combo. I TOTALLY understand #4, and I could work on my mouth too!

  6. Just love that window shot, Kathy. Such age and beauty in that wall. The peeling of the gray exterior shows all those beautiful colors underneath. Quite the appropriate picture for your post today. You were revealing those colors underneath. Have a great day!

  7. I enjoyed reading your 10 truths. I always get a smile when I pop in here.

    Such a gorgeous photo also...

  8. I chuckled when I read your 100% Italian truth. I am sure we are sisters, right down to the 99% German statement. You made me smile. Oh, and the photo is gorgeous.

  9. That photo is gorgeous...oh, the texture! And I enjoy your words as much as your photos, without a doubt. You have a way of writing that makes your reader want to sit and stay awhile (and have lots of laughs in the process). Definitely an A+! I was also a high achiever in school...your dream sounds eerily familiar to me.

    P.S. I would drink 5 gallons of milk before jumping out of a plane...just saying. :)

  10. Funny, I didn't picture you being a nerdy brown-noser at school - more like smoking with the cool girls's gang in the back yard... :-) Looking trendy & Italian of course...

    I love both your photography & writing!!!

  11. I love photos of windows and doors.
    This one is great!
    Great writing today.

  12. Really enjoyed this post Kathy. I am fairly new to your blog so it was fun to read more about you. We are a lot alike and I still have those same college dreams. Oh and the window shot is gorgeous.

  13. Thanks for sharing this information about yourself. I can relate to no. 3. totally agree with no. 6 and laughed at no. 7

  14. Oh, be still my heart! You're so funny and I can relate: don't tell me what to do and I love baseball more than any other sport! Had to laugh at the Italian note--my son is living with 3 Germans and it's been fun to see America through their eyes. They've taught him how to cook pasta and everything goes great with brattworst (did I spell that right?)--ick! I don't like it but now Matt doesn't want to eat anything else. :) Thanks for making me smile.

  15. LOL!
    I ♥ finding things out about people! What "fun" truths!!!
    I haven't posted my "truths" yet....but I will.
    Oh...and by the way....I give you an A+ :-D

  16. OMG...these are fabulous Kathy. An A+ for sure in my book and this Its chalk full of color and texture. I have to get my butt in gear and do this.

  17. I'm laughing so hard at #2. My hubs says that I'm this sweet innocent girl & when I open my mouth I can make a sailor blush. HA! I tell him I have been visiting him too much at the firehouse & that's why :) Really- I can be a lady when it counts & the relaxed beach girl that I truly am in the comfort of my home.

  18. Great post kathy, and so laughed when I read about your being 100% Italian ..... That is so me. Love your 10 things, and I have not done mine yet, but hope fully catch up this weekend. This is an awesome photo by the way. Don't forget to stop by my blog post for March 1 with my giveaway. Bet you would enjoy it! Have a great day! and love your post.

  19. A++ from me, love your ten truths.
    The textures on that old wall is just wonderful. Your writing is as brilliant as your photos.

  20. Kathy! Loved getting to know you even better. I love your writing. You make me laugh every time I visit. (Seriously, no burping!?! That is strange.) Love your shot too.... the textures! The colors! Just beautiful.

  21. First of all I love that photo, such wonderful textures and colours. And secondly, your ten truths not only made me laugh, some of them struck a chord. I'm still waiting to grow up so I KNOW what I want to do, and yes I can never decide whether I enjoy writing or photography more. Do you think we were twins separated at birth? Have a great weekend x

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  23. lovely photo and a lovely person. I enjoyed reading a bit about you. xo

  24. Oh! Another girly girl with a truck drivers mouth! You are a soul mate of mine, to be sure! AND do not EVER change! LOL... ;)

    Great truths!! And your writing is brilliant. Truly. I think it's wonderful you've discovered a hidden talent and are now able to enjoy doing it. What a plus, huh?!

    By the way, LOL on the 100 percent Italian part, HA HA HA! God does have a wicked sense of humor at times, eh?

    Happy Sunday to you and again, I loved your truths!

    Angie :)