March 15, 2012

Chinatown, and I was hungry again in an hour (part #2)...

Houston Philly, we have a problem.  Wow, did I have trouble culling my trip to  Chinatown photos and deciding what to post.  My goal isn't to promote Philly's tourism...altho I'm sure it appears that way at times.  No, my goal is just to explore with "James Dean" where ever it may take us.  It just so happens it takes us to Philly quite often.  But yes, after much angst, I've narrowed it down.  After all...

Fortune Cookie says:  A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking

Fortune Cookie says:  You will eat Chinese tonight.

Fortune Cookie says:  That wasn't chicken you just ate

Fortune Cookie says:  Much more grows in the garden than is planted there

Fortune  Cookie says:  You never know what you'll find around the next corner

Fortune Cookie says:  Some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue

Fortune Cookie says:  A woman who seeks to be equal with men...lacks ambition (translation is pretty fuzzy BUT, yeah...I'm pretty sure that is what it says)

Fortune Cookie says:  Happy news is on it's way to you, hope you read Chinese

and finally...Fortune Cookie says:  There are heroes all around us

And to my Better Half who is my trusty photography assistant:

Fortune Cookie says:  Your patience will be rewarded..........sooner or later.



  1. Great shots Kathy! Makes me think I should visit Philly! You make it look so interesting. Have a great day!

  2. "sometime you are the pigeon, sometime you are the statue." LOL How true! All such wonderful shots, Kathy.
    I am playing with my Canon today. Want to go out and practice on a good day next week. My horoscope says I will do good in photography....LOL.
    Lord, knows I need to do good at something soon, something that will pay that is. Being out of work is bittersweet.

  3. You live close to me : )
    Fun, fun, FUN!

  4. Wow really nice collection of images from your venture to to see the mix of color and b&w. And ofcourse, your added humor is always a bonus.

  5. Oh, love, love these Kathy and for some reason I really am drawn to those newspapers? I know what you mean, though, about promoting - Galveston is my go to place, it's close and well it's by the beach! (Loved the fortunes)

  6. I love seeing these Chinatown images - these are beautiful and vibrant! My daughter is in NYC right now, visiting a friend on the outskirts of Chinatown/ if only I could get her to take some pictures! (She doesn't take after her mother in that Your photos are wonderful - I hope we'll see more from this day!

  7. Love seeing these! You know the last time you posted pics like this I had the hubs bring some Chinese food home....and now I am hungry again.

    Also- I had the whole house laughing last night when I showed them your giraffe pics :)

  8. Wow...Chinatown looks so inviting! Love the Vegetarian sign...made me laugh!

  9. What great shots of chinatown! Love the colors! I keep saying we need to get to Little Italy & (that's a big and) bring my camera! :) Maybe this spring! I love your fortune cookie sayings too - made me snicker!!

  10. Love seeing your shots of Chinatown.. I almost always have a smile when I pop in here! I love that about you!

  11. A wonderful collection of your little fortune cookie sayings.

  12. I just discovered your blog as a link from Scavenger Hunt Sundays. Love your photography. Love the way you see the world. Love your photos of Philly.

  13. If this was FB, I'd like it right away. Have to write a full sentence here in blogger land. glad I caught part 2 of Chinatown. You have wonderful captures. My fave is the man in the window with reflections-also like your lead shot and the black and white. What a wonderful place to photowalk. As for your fortunes...they are too cool. I like the one about conclusions. I should tell my therapist that would be sure to bring that funny 1/2 grin face-the one that tries to hide a smile, but can't quite do it.
    Happy day Kathy. Always love your posts.

    1. The cook in the window is my fav too :)

  14. LOL!

    Kathy . . . Seriously, you crack me up! Honestly, you need to write comedy. You do, actually. But you need to get paid for it is what I'm sayin'. ;)

    GREAT shots, too!