October 31, 2011

Out of the blue...

...Uh Oh!  October Snow!

"October Snow"
Ambler, PA

Now THAT was certainly "Out of the Blue"!  My pooooooooor mums, R.I.P.  



  1. oh my! does that mean your Trick or Treaters will be slogging around in boots?

  2. Oh....poor, poor mums. Hope it gets better!!

  3. Beautiful shot. So sad for the mums though.

  4. So I am taking it that your mums aren't liking the snow much.. But it does make for a beautiful photo!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Brrr. That is an excellent shot with a hint of chill :) New to your lovely blog, Laura

  6. It was out of the blue! But you certainly found a beautiful capture in it. My por impatiens never knew what hit them!

  7. Nice snow picture, Kathy. Yes, those mums will probably call it quits.

    You reminded me how pretty our backyard growing-wild yellow chrysanthemums are blooming right out of their pot. They are liking the cool fall.
    But no snow here in the Southeast Gulf Coast area for us now. I hope for never this winter.

    Happy MidWeek Blues,

  8. Oh my,that's early! But it makes for a stunning pic!