September 28, 2011

Out of the (Penn State) Blue...

 Hope you are ready for some blue overload!
 Penn State style....

If ever there was a place custom made for capturing "blue"'s Happy Valley.  Just one look at the blue and white sky, and you know God has to be a Nittany Lion at heart.  A bitter acknowledgement I'm sure for you Ohio State peeps.  Football weekends?  We bleed blue and white. When we lose....we are blue (and grumpy). Yes, we are a Penn State family.  I keep telling Thing #3 she doesn't HAVE to go to Penn State EVERYONE else in the fam. I hope she realizes these are shallow words with no meaning behind them.  Akin to "I wish you would just TELL me if these pants make my butt look big!"
Of course, NO WAY do those flannel pj pants with the lion paw on each butt cheek make your butt look big.

No, it's not mandatory you arrive at Beaver Stadium via a blue vehicle, but the team does.  And apparently so do some of the fans...

Welcome the house that Joe built.  Beaver Stadium,
second largest collegiate football stadium behind that
"other" blue school, Michigan (boo hiss!)...

Sometimes, it's hard finding the perfect place to catch a view of the Nittany Lions...

OR, the best way to show your Penn State pride...

OR, your Blue & White spirit...

Happy Valley has the bluest skies, when it's not raining or snowing.  We are #1.  Maybe not in the football polls, but definitely in our hearts.

For the Glory of old State!



  1. Love that you have such passion for your school...great captures of all that spirit!!

  2. I tagged you for The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog today. If you don't participate in awards or memes, that's perfectly fine. Just wanted to let you know - Deanna

  3. Love the blue striped socks:):)

  4. this is so fabulous!!
    I love the stadium shots, especially the little boy peeking through the opening to see

  5. Great captures, love the little boy peaking under the fence.

  6. What a fun post -- Nebraska is in the Big 10 this year and I think we are playing Penn State on 11/12. Gulp! :)

  7. Love the little guy looking under the stands and the girl with the socks! great perspectives!

  8. Great photos Kathy! Next weekend Mathias and Mark will be going to the game.