August 16, 2011

AHA! Moment...

Have you ever had an "AHA!" moment?   You know, the  kind of moment that if you were a cartoon character an actual light bulb would appear drawn over your head?  (FYI...I'd be Judy Jetson.  Which means no lightbulb but perhaps a lasar shooting over my head).

I travelled to Germany with my better half in 2005.  I was armed with only a pocket digital camera that my husband had to tutor me on over, and over and over again.  Sometimes things just go in my one ear and right on out the other, without ANY sort of obstacle to slow it down along the path.  This mysterious phenomenon occurs when the info has to do with anything technical...I mean ANYTHING!  Don't even get me started on how to turn on the monstrosity of a television the better half had installed in our basement. I swear the remote control sits on the coffee table laughing at me.  My eyes glaze over whenever a lesson on "how to turn on the television" is on the agenda.

Wurttenberg, Germany

This trip was the first time I used a camera for anything other than taking photos of Things #1-3 in many, many years.  It wasn't until we returned home and the better half downloaded all my photos onto the computer (I TOLD you I didn't listen to anything "technical") that I took a gander and realized WOW...I could possibly be "okay" at taking photos.  It took another 5 years, and LOTS of aggravating prodding from the better half,  for me to give up my pocket digital for something a little more elaborate. I just saw no use for anything bigger with more options (truth be told it just plain old scared me).  I was content with a  pocket digital that I could throw in my purse and not have to worry about carrying when my arms were meant to be used for seeing how many different bottles of wine I could carry back to the hotel at the end of the day.  Yes, I do love my comfort zone.  

Wurttenburg, Germany

These are the two photos that provided me MY Aha! moment and propelled me on my journey.  And I have been remiss and very tardy in thanking my better half for providing me with both the newer camera AND the extra arms to carry those bottles of wine, since mine are now full.  So thank you, and I GUESS if you want me to learn how to turn on the new television I could try to pay attention more seriously...but could I please have a glass of wine to help calm me?

Wishing you many AHA! moments of your own...



  1. You're welcome. If you open the wine,I will turn on the TV.

  2. Oh how awesome! I love both of these! Love your comfort zone too. :-)

  3. Both of those photos are great, don't you love how photogenic Germany is?
    And how sweet of your hubby to encourage you, he's a keeper. (found you from SS)