July 7, 2011

Thursday's Child....

I'm the ultimate "Thursday's Child"....born on Thanksgiving Day.  The earliest indication of my demeanor, I'm an over achiever.  As that old poem says "Thursday's child has far to go".  Have to admit...BULLS-EYE.  As I have been told repeatedly, I rarely take the time to stop and enjoy the moment because I'm always looking at where I'm heading to next, what I could have done better, what I still need to do.  I carry a notepad with me where ever I go to jot down the ideas when they pop in my head so they don't get lost in my brain shuffle. The wheels in my mind could power the bustling city of Singapore.....hmmmm,  I REALLY should plan a trip there, I'm gonna jot that down!  Therefore, my resolution is to use Thursdays not to look to where I'm going, but to appreciate where I am, have been, and what brings me some bliss in the moment.  I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow?

Thing #3 (all names have been changed to protect the paranoid)
Citizen's Bank Park, Philadlephia, PA

TWO things that bring me bliss here...my youngest daughter AND a Phillies game.
Thing #3 probably despises baseball to the same degree that I love it.  
Therefore, I appreciate the fact that she tolerates me dragging her to Citizens Bank Park as often as I do without TOO much grumbling and the promise of ice cream in the 5th inning.

I guess I really should reciprocate by showing as much enthusiasm for her fanatical
following of Harry Potter podcasts and stop calling her my little nerd!

-- Kathy


  1. I wanna say, "Hey, that's my nephew in the Utley shirt." cause that would be so funny if it was. But it is not. :)

  2. Would be even BETTER if you said "Hey, Utley is my nephew!" :)

  3. That is a great picture. Reflection shots are one of my favorite themes.

    Of course, taking it at a Phillies game makes it all the more special.

    I'm betting that my love affair with baseball and the Phillies rivals your own. Nah...I'm sure I have you beat.

  4. Matty, Matty, Matty....you will soon learn! haha. Welcome to my world :)