September 29, 2016

To grandmother's house we go...

Guess who is here?  Grand#1 took her first airplane ride yesterday.  Her mom, Thing#2, came prepared with bags of "apology" chocolates for her fellow passengers.  As it turns out, Grand#1 was a champ. So I'm gonna probably be 5 pounds heavier by time this weekend is over.  One of the many sacrifices I'm willing to make for my Grand#1.

Altho I have been accused by the Better Half of not needing any semblance of logical reasoning to spend money, Grand#1 gave me a few.  Besides continuing to accumulate the cutest baby girl clothing on the east coast, I decided to redecorate one of our bedrooms into a guestroom/nursery.  Both for Grand#1 AND future Grands.  I feel it is my duty as an Omi to make sure I give my Grands the nicest of places to lay their little baby heads when to grandmother's house they come.  I wish I took some "before" shots.  But once I set my mind to something, I kinda go full steam ahead. However...I DO have "after" shots.

AGAIN...sure wish I had the patience to take some 'before' shots.  The walls were navy and a much darker taupe.  The first thing I did was lighten the whole dang thing up.  Creams and oranges.  Creamsicle.  Even tho I despise Creamsicles (lets just chalk that aversion up to a youthful overindulgence that resulted in a not-so-pleasant aftermath).

On one wall I framed four vintage handkerchiefs that were my mother-in-law's.  Nana would have loved to be in a nursery with her first great-grandchild.  She is here in spirit.

"Hankies from Nana"

But my FAVORITE part of this room is where I channeled Joanna Gaines from HGTV's "Fixer Upper" and I shiplapped one of the walls.  And by "I" I mean the Better Half.  Because altho Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, I need a Chip Gaines to actually achieve it.  No idea what I'm talking about? Get yourself over to HGTV and check out their show post haste!  You're welcome.

(I love this rocking horse I found at HomeGoods...except it was red and green.  I went back and got it once I remembered that God created spray paint!)

"Quarters from Gramps"

The three quarters are a nod to my dad.  Whenever my Things saw their Gramps, they always got quarters from him.  No way I could design a nursery for my Grands without their Gramps being present.

A few more finishing touches, including my sterling silver teething ring from when I was a baby.  Hmmmm, did I mention I wish I had taken 'before' pics?!?

All finished.  Just add a Grand and let the spoiling commence.  To grandmother's house they come.  Dang I wish I took 'before' photos!

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  1. Have a GREAT visit!!! The room is so lovely!!

  2. Beautiful area for the Grands! We live about 2 hours south of Waco. sis and I plan to mee at Magnolia at some point over the next few months!

  3. Love it - especially the nods to Gramps and that rocking horse - what a find. When my brother and his wife, then me and my husband had our first (4-5 months apart) my mom took to making sure she was ready for grandbabies and set to redoing 2 bedrooms of an already new house (got the brilliant idea to build a 7500 sq foot house AFTER we all moved out). But it was wonderful and we really enjoyed our visits despite the 5 hours over the mountains to get there. I trust your daughter and her gorgeous family will enjoy all the work.

  4. Love all the details, remembrances from your grandparents, and the total look of the room. It is gorgeous and gives me ideas for my home. Thanks!

  5. All the details are splendid in this room. Each have meaning which is superb. Love it. ~Lisa

  6. you did a wonderful job. love the shiplap and the handkerchief idea.

  7. Like a dream. Photos are so beautiful

  8. What a wonderful atmosphere, great pictures and and amazing macros!

  9. Wow what a stunning room! I really like your idea with the hankies - so beautiful!

  10. What an amazing grammie you are! Shiplap? I am so jealous!! I want some in my home. I love the special remembrances of family that you added! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Turned out beautiful...congratulations also on the grand#1. Nothing better than those grandbabies.

    visiting from LTTL

  12. Kathy looks as if you have gotten the hang of being an OMI