May 15, 2012

"Queen of the Iris"...

"The Iris"

I use to think my mom was the "Queen of the Iris".  We had an old stone wall that sat atop the hill in our back yard.  Every spring it sprung forth with Iris my mom had planted entirely along it's base.  I would sit atop that wall and be mesmerized by the long row of different colored Iris.  The graceful curvature of the petals.  Those Iris petals with their gentle ripples always reminded me of waves rolling onto the beach at the shore.  

To this day, when I see an Iris...I flashback to that stone wall.  That stone wall and the home to which it belongs, now call a different family their owners. But mom is still the "Queen of the Iris",  just in a different castle.  And those rippling petals?  They STILL remind me of waves.



  1. I am a fan of the iris. I love your picture, Kathy. Is that one in YOUR yard? I love the smell and the texture of iris. This one is gorgeous!

    1. Hi Susan, no....this is in my mom's yard at her current place. Gorgeous, isn't it!

  2. Kathy this is an awesome composition of this beautiful iris! Love it!

  3. Kathy this is beautiful! I absolutely love the waves analogy. My mom also planted irises along the side of our house. Every summer when they bloomed, she would pick them and bring them in the house to enjoy. They are her favorite flowers too. I think that your post and your image is so magical and dreamy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. That is gorgeous!!! So much depth and color! I love irises too, so tall and striking!

  5. beautiful
    and so wonderful how it stirs memories

  6. What a wonderful memory, and gorgeous Iris!

  7. I share your iris love, too! We had them in our yard in my childhood home. The fragrance...oh, the wonderful fragrance. This image is simply beautiful.

  8. I love the ripples on an iris! Beautiful image.