December 17, 2015

"Winging it...

"Everyone is winging it,
some just do it more confidently."

-Pamela Druckerman

Sometimes no matter how in control of a situation you believe you are, or how many plans and calculations you make to ensure (insure? assure?) success...what it comes down to is the realization you have no freakin' idea WHAT you are doing.  And just do it anyway.  Sometimes when you wing it, you land in a happy accident.  This is the story of my latest project.  My home office.

"My Happy Accident"

For about a year now, I've been toying with the idea of covering a wall with my photography, done in canvas.  Problem is, I suffer from "Pinterest Perfection Paralysis".   I peruse Pinterest.  I see amazing photos of perfect designs. I think YES...I'm gonna do that!  Then the reality of achieving that perfection paralyzes me.  HOW am I EVER gonna figure out how to do THAT?!? And nada gets done.  Because honestly, to figure out a wall of different sized canvasses that need to fit together in a way that doesn't seem haphazard and messy has GOT to require some math and calculations, right? NOT my strong suit! Let alone culling thru thousands of my "favorite" photographs to achieve the perfect balance of what I want to display?  I'd say "shoot me now", but I don't want to get into a NRA debate.

"The Plunge"

So I took the plunge.  I threw aside math, calculations, diagrams, my turkey wishbone drying out on the counter, or any semblance of a plan.  Total 100% winging my way to Pinterest perfection. Yep, I was doomed to fail.  And I was afraid it was going to be an expensive fail.  But I plunged anyway, without confidence.  In retrospect, picking out the photos proved to be the hardest part.  Still am not sure I got the right mix.  But heck, I can always change out photos, right?  

I will tell you now that picking out the photos was the most difficult step for one simple was the only step I put any forethought into.  Once I got that accomplished, all thought flew out the window and I was 100% winging it.  The various canvas sizes?  A little of this, a little of that.  I chose without regard to how I was going to hang them.  After the canvasses arrived, I cleared out a room and pretended I was on "Survivor" and had to piece together a puzzle to win immunity!  The result?  I was safe at tribal council that night.

"The Puzzle"

An important aspect of "winging it"?  Having a Better Half who doesn't suffer from angina when I say... 

"See this photo honey?  Can you hang these JUST LIKE this weekend???!!??"

...and he actually does.  He nailed it! (yes, pun intended).  I haven't looked BEHIND these canvasses yet to see how many nail holes are actually there.  But I can confidently say there are waaaaaay less nail holes than if I had decided to wing THIS step myself! 

"He Nailed It"

"Winging It"

Kinda looks like I actually had a plan.  Winging it.  Having no freakin' clue and doing it anyway. Sometimes it just all works out, like some kind of Pinterest perfection.  But then there are those other times...yeah, I don't blog about those.

P.S.  For those interested, I used "Easy Canvas Prints" and was very happy with the turn around time AND the quality.  They have some amazing sales, I ordered all these canvasses when they were running an 80% off sale.  Disclaimer:  I receive NO compensation or benefit from singing their praise...altho that would be kinda cool.

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  1. That's awesome......looks AMAZING. YOU nailed it with the shots....HE nailed it with hanging them high :-D
    I am going to definitely check "Easy Canvas Prints" out.
    Merry Christmas :-D

  2. Looks great, Kathy! Your tree is pretty, also.

  3. Kathy!!!! Omg!!! This looks amazing!!!! Love love love what you did-and btw....HUGE survivor FANatic!!!!

  4. You obviously have an eye for winging it! Splendid!

  5. It looks brilliant, well done you and I am a big fan of winging it


  6. You have put together an amazing photo wall (together with hubby hanging it). Isn't it great when our photographs get printed and displayed? I love it!

  7. When I saw the first photo I thought, I hope those are her photos. Great job--love the b/w effect and you've got a great eye for composition! Last night my brother and I tried taking photos of the lights on Temple Square in SLC, but way too many people and then the snow turned into rain, so we had to pack it in. Hoping for a clear night so we can give it another try. A very merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for all your visits to my blog!

  8. Love this and had to smile too, I did something similar for my den makeover. When I asked hubby to hang it all just like that , I swear you could actually hear his eye roll, LOL xo

  9. totally awesome....but I have to admit...the Happy Buddha caught my attention 1st. Husband did really good following what you wanted! Good for him!

  10. Wow! Pinterest Perfection! Seriously, when I clicked on it, I thought...what is this awesomeness? Something off of Pinterest? Indeed! Hahaha!

    Hope you have a fabulous holiday!

  11. OMG this is absolutely stunning! Could be a magazine shoot!!

  12. This is amazing on all levels! I love how you value printing your work and enjoying it! The design is gorgeous and I love that you went all B and W!

  13. I'd say you 'wing it' pretty darn good! Love it Kath!! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.