March 2, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Shake it Off' edition...

"I stay up too late,
got nothing in my brain
That's what people say."

-Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)

...and they would be right.  

"I Stay Up Too Late"

Hard to shake it off, when it's my reality.  Truth is, I kinda like the stillness and quiet in the house when everyone else is in bed.  It's the time of the night when I conjure up the best "Words With Friends" magic on the ol' Ipad.  Booyah!  FYI..."Booyah" is not a valid WWF word, yet "Brrr" is?!?!?!?  Having a hard time shaking THAT off!


Next week's Song-ography prompt suggestion takes me allllll the way back to blue eye shadow and powder blue tuxedos.  1976 was the year this song was the theme to my Junior Prom.  Lots of lyrics to this song, but since it's a classic...I know 'em all.  Don't ask me what I went upstairs to get.  But ask me to sing you this song instead because THAT I will remember.

"Stairway to Heaven"
Led Zeppelin (as sung by Ann and Nancy Wilson at the Kennedy Center Honors. Why?  'Cause it's an AMAAAAZING rendition)

Thanks for  stopping by and participating in Song-ography.  Just a reminder that link ups can come from any platform (blog, Flickr, Instagram). And another reminder?  Altho I encourage everyone to link up, pleeeeeease only do so in the spirit of Song-ography:  

Song + Photography = Song-ography

Feel free to stretch the limits and your creativity.  But please DO include a song title/lyric.  Each week's prompt is only a suggestion.  If you have a different photo that is singing out a different tune to you, please feel free to use it.

Looking forward to visiting everyone to see what you've been up to. 

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  1. There is something nice about a quiet house with everyone else sleeping. Did you use any additional light on your face for this photo?

    1. Just a dark room and the light from the IPad. Adjusted the levels in Photoshop afterwards.

  2. Interesting post. I too like to stay up late but I wish I could get to sleep much earlier so I could enjoy the longer days. x

  3. I love Taylor Swift and this song. Gave me a chance to put in some old tea party protest photos and some Taylor Swift concert photos. Thanks for hosting this meme.

  4. Hee Hee... That's me in the middle of the night after a bad hot flash that could wake the dead. My hubby tells me its because of the light from my ipad that wakes me up. I Think not. I wish he could get just one hot flash so he know what Im going through.. Sorry, I'm sharing to much. LOL

    Such a great song.. I really need to be putting a post together and play along this week..


  5. I know what you mean...Love how you managed to take that picture.

  6. That could very well be a picture of me, but YouTube is my poison as such. Brilliant picture, wonderful lighting.

  7. I used to be a night owl, but I've totally gotten too old (and farm) for that.

  8. Great picture and of course great post! let´s see when I can shake things off and concentrate in a song - ography post! Love them!

  9. I live alone...but I still like the sense of peace and solitude of being the only one up, after all the hustle and bustle in my apartment building quiets down at night. This is a great shot! I love the way that single light source illuminates your face and the textures of the quilt and your clothing. It's a lovely portrait.

  10. Great photo. That quiet time late at night is my favorite time as well.

  11. I am opposite Kathy.........I wake up before everyone else, even though I stay up just as late as them. I like the stillness of the morning, it's when I used to go running back then when I could run. Lovely pic!

  12. Hi Kathy I totally hear ya about those quiet times, they always happen before and after = morning and evening. I try not to stay up too late, not always succesful.

    Btw - you are awarded one of my Very Inspiring Blogger Awards, play along if you like, but definitely keep on inspiring!

  13. You've got plenty in your brain! I think you are one of the funniest, creative, and talented bloggers I "know". Love this self portrait. I need the nighttime quiet each evening before bed to truly unwind from the day.

  14.! That version of Stairway to Heaven is AMAAAAAZING!
    And maybe if I didn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn & deal with teenagers all day, I too, would stay up late reading & enjoying the "Sound of Silence"……..

  15. catching up today, love the selfie - love the light from the ipad!! And I don't think you have a lack for anything in that brain of yours. :)

  16. i am a total night owl too.... night time is my time... but it means that I don't do morning very well


  17. Not a night owl. But a morning bird!! Cute shot of you. Adorable song!!