July 11, 2011

Out of the Blue...

"View From the Back Pew"
Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Bryn Athyn, PA

My friend, and fellow blogger, Becky at The Dusty Cellar is a brilliant photographer.  I knew Becky back in the day when we were both marching band geeks at Upper Moreland High School outside of Philly.  Becky was one up on me tho, at least SHE had talent and could play the flute.  My "talent" was wearing a ridiculous gold lame' outfit with white pleather knee high boots (I feel the need to remind everyone I'm talking 1970's here!!) while waving my arms around on the field under the illusion everyone was paying attention to my band direction.  Fast forward 30-something years to cyberspace and Facebook where Becky and I reconnected.  Some things never change...I had upgraded my white boots and gold lame' to some serious killer shoes and more eco-friendly fabric clothing and still operated under lots of illusions... and Becky still had one up on me with her talent.  This time photography.

Becky's work motivates me to get my butt into gear and start exercising MY photography muscles.  She has an ongoing weekly component in her blog called "Midweek Blues" where she photographically captures "the blues" utilizing ANY interpretation of the word.  She has been kind enough to invite other photographers to participate by linking their "blues" photographs to her blog.  While I might have lead Becky around the field eons ago, I am now a willing follower and taking HER lead.  Thanks Becky!  And seriously folks...please check out The Dusty Cellar at www.thedustycellar.blogspot.com.



  1. I accept the compliment (blush) ....BUT I think there was some serious twirling talent going on with you back in the day and your photos are pretty impressive too! This is a really cool angle.

    Oh, and your band outfits were SO much better than what I got to wear.

  2. Ahhh.....very nice! I really like the angle on this. You have an "eye" for perspective.

    And yes, I remember the high school 70's. Wayyyyyyyy back in my memory bank.

  3. Thank you Matty and Tina, and welcome to "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out". Feel free to drop in any time :)


  4. I love your perspective
    I was so fascinated with the bits of blue and the angle that I didn't realize it was a church at first
    and then I said wow out loud

    so nice to meet you :)

  5. I love this post! I've become friends with Becky through the blog world and she rarely shares much of her personal history there so it was very nice to read this :) I did, however, know about the flute...somehow that came up once within our interactions.

    It was fun to envision you in the marching band with your boots.

    If you're interested, you can view my MB post here.

  6. Oh, I got so excited with commenting on your words here that I forgot to mention that excellent photo! Great angle, and love all of the blue Bibles!!!

  7. Welcome Dianne and Heather! The more the merrier. Thank you for the kind comments. Just learning as I go and I appreciate any feedback. Heather, I look forward to checking out your blog at avermontgirl.com. Thank you for the link.


  8. hello, visiting from Midweek Blues...for someone who is "exercising her photography muscles", you have an excellent first post. keep clicking!